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What are Inbound Numbers?

Inbound numbers are virtual 1300, 1800 and 13 business numbers that provides an opportunity for your business to stand out in a crowded, competitive market.

Inbound numbers provide more flexibility and portability for your business as they are not tied to a fixed landline or location.

Our Inbound Numbers service enables your business to receive and redirect incoming calls to a landline or mobile that is managed by our Inbound Call Management platform.

Benefits of a business inbound number:

  • Easy to recall
  • Fast track your small business success
  • Complement your marketing campaigns
  • Enhance the professionalism of your business
  • Leverage powerful features to manage incoming calls
  • Establish a disticntive and memorable point of contact.
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How business numbers work?
Why Inbound Numbers?
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Redirect and schedule your calls to preferred answered points, based on time and day, local, state, or national.


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Staff Efficiency
Reduce customers’ waiting times by directing calls and spread balanced workload amongst your teams.


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Increase the perception and reach of your business as a large, well-established, national business.


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Reduced Cost of Ownership
Receive inbound calls on your existing phone lines without expensive phone system upgrades.


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Simplify the process for your customers to make enquiries and contact your business.


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An easy-to-dial business number can increase the recall with customers, allowing your business to track the effectiveness of marketing investments.

Benefits of Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers | 1300 number: Stand out from the competition

1300 Numbers

  • Wider geographical coverage
  • Promote your business outside of your local area
  • Cost of call is shared between your business and the caller

Inbound Numbers | 1800 number: Reach a larger target audience

1800 Numbers

  • Wider geographical coverage than your local number
  • Free call for fixed line callers within Australia
  • Eliminate economic barrier for your customers with all ongoing costs paid by your business

Inbound Numbers | 13 number: Make a statement

13 Numbers

  • Helps to establish a distinctive and memorable point of contact
  • An attractive option if brand recall is important
  • All ongoing costs are shared between your business and the caller

Plans and Calling Features

Inbound Number
  • Setup Charge
  • Calls Answered on Landline/per minute
  • Calls Answered on Mobile/per minute
  • Minimum Contract
  • Critical Info Summary
starting $15/month
  • $0
  • $0.12
  • $0.15
  • 1 month
starting $15/month
  • $0
  • $0.12
  • $0.15
  • 1 month
$890 / month
  • $0
  • $0.12
  • $0.15
  • 12 months

Call Forward

Forward all calls to your business 1300, 1800 or 13 number to either a landline or mobile number.


Postcode Routing

Re-direct calls and define the number of answer points for your incoming calls based on the postcode the caller is in.

State-Based Routing

Customise answer points based on the location of an incoming call to ensure calls are directed to the correct office.



Callers can leave a message with all voicemails being forwarded to a specified email address.

Region-Based Routing

Deliver calls to a specified answer points based in 63 geographical locations in Australia.

Call Distribution

Splits and direct calls based on the percentage usage between answer points.

Call Recording

Easy to configure and use call recording to all 1300, 1800, or 13 premium numbers. (PCI compliance is not provided)

Interactive Voice Response

interacts with callers and routes the calls to the appropriate recipient based on your settings. Create a menu of options.

Personalised Greeting

Personalise voice greetings to customers and play before forwarding your call onto the set answer point.


Why Choose Us?

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Track and Monitor Reports

View call reports, call recording and analytics to ease your call handling process.

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Use our inbound number service anywhere even when moving or opening a new business office.

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Simplified Management

Track call usage, generate reports and manage call functionality using our user-friendly portal.

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We specialise in the delivery of business inbound numbers that aim to simplify and enhance contactability for your customers. Our expert team members are eager to help you expand and succeed, and provide honest and ethical advice that best addresses your business needs.

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